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How to get a toned tummy.

^ Hayley Williams. Lead singer of Paramore and my thinspiration. She’s small but healthy. ^ 

The Best Workouts For a Toned Tummy. 


This exercise is very good for toning up your lower abdominal area. In fact, after about 5 repetitions you can really feel that area working! 

How to perform this exercise: 
1. Lie on your back with your legs straight. 
2. Slowly raise your head and neck off the mat as if you’re starting a basic crunch. Place your hands behind your head. 
3. Bend both legs in and raise them off the floor then straighten and point them in the air at an 11’o’clock position. Keep your head an neck off the floor. 
4. Slowly move both legs down (keeping them together and as straight as you can) until they are about a foot from the floor. 
5. Now raise them back up and begin again. 
6. Repeat this 10 times. 

You should feel your lower abdominal muscles working after only a few repetitions. As you get comfortable with them, push yourself to do more and more.  


You can perform this exercise in almost any kind of office or desk chair. 

How to perform this exercise:
1. Sit upright with your back flat against the back of your chair. 
2. Place your hands on the desk in front of you or on the seat of the chair by your legs. 
3. Slowly lift your knees up toward your chest and hold for 5 seconds. 
4. Then slowly lower them back down, resting your feet on the floor. 
5. Breathe out when you lift your legs up and inhale when you lower them to the floor.  

In the beginning, you may find that you’re only able to do a few of these. That’s ok. As your abdominals get stronger, you’ll be able to do more. Hang in there!  


1. Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and arms straight beside you. 
2. Slowly lift and tilt your pelvis upwards as you exhale. As you tilt your pelvis, be sure you keep your lower back on the floor so you get the most out of the movement. 
3. Hold the movement for about 5 seconds and inhale as you relax your butt back down to the floor. 
4. Do about 10 to 15 reps and take a 90 second break between sets. Perform a total of 4 sets. 

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